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   USPS Domestic Rates Calculator LATEST Version 4 - Live or Realtime (Ver. 4 is the latest version from USPS. Version 3 was retired on September 28, 2014)

USPS Domestic Shipping Rates Calculator - Realtime

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Integrate USPS into your website. Enable your online store to pull live shipping rates from USPS with this easy-to-use code supplement. This is a smart ASP code snippet that you can easily plugin into your checkout page.

This can be used by ecommerce / online stores that ship via United States Postal Service ( USPS). You can calculate the actual USPS shipping cost in realtime and use it seamlessly in calculating each order's shipping charge. This will avoid overcharging / undercharging and your customers will feel confident that they are not getting ripped off by exorbitant shipping fees.

Technical info:
With this ASP based USPS online shipping calculator, there is no need to register any DLL or COM objects in your hosting server. This is very useful to many websites that are hosted by a 3rd party hosting server because most of the time, these 3rd party hostings do not allow the installation of ACTIVE-X, COM or DLL objects.
You simply save the included ASP file into your website html/asp folder. You can call the function from anywhere in your asp pages and use different parameters like origin and destination zip code, shipment weight and delivery options.

Unlike other solutions out there, this utility does not depend on static database or reference files, it picks up rates on the fly by fetching live rates directly from the USPS network.

• Free technical support.
• includes full source code and User's Guide

Purchasing info:
Our order processor program will send your order to you instantly via email right after your payment is processed. We use PAYPAL Instant Payment Notification (IPN) - which ensures that you will have immediate access to the product you purchased in seconds.
You can purchase USPS realtime and another tool: IPN MADE EASY altogether for a discounted package rate. Click here for more info.

See Live demo

Cost: Only $49.95

(Classic ASP version)

100% FULL SOURCE code included!

All your interaction with FEDEX, USPS & UPS shall be governed by the agreement that you signed up with them. We do not disclose any CONFIDENTIAL information or technology. We will not provide you any Account or Password or FEDEX, USPS & UPS web server address. All of these information are in in the information packet that you will get from FEDEX, USPS & UPS when you sign up for an account. To the best of our knowledge, those information are confidential and bound by the End User agreement and are meant to be used only between you and FEDEX, USPS & UPS . Needless to say, whatever tools you develop will have to comply with the terms of your end-user agreement.

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USPS INTERNATIONAL Shipping Rates Calculator - Realtime

Cost: Only $49.95

(Classic ASP version)


Technical Requirements for any versions of our Fedex, Ups, or Usps classic ASP scripts:
WINDOWS hosting with support for ASP scripting. You do not need your own server, 3rd party hosts will work just fine.

Product Support:
FREE technical support and upgrades within one year.

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USPS shipping calculator for .NET

Compatible with all .NET based programs, web or local applications.

***This DLL uses the latest V4 API version of USPS***

Compatible with .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+
Can be used for ASP.net whether using VB or C# and any applications based on the .NET technology.

To use: Drop into your .net program as a class reference, fill-out the parameters; works seamlessly with your program's intellisence feature - all properties and preset options automatically pop-up - then call the Execute method and voila! Gives out a rich set of output properties like an array of structured record of shipping rates, and more. It even lets you get the raw XML text that you can further extend if you want! - this feature is very useful for advanced developers. More importantly, it lets even novice .NET users to utilize it very easily on their projects.

So easy and fun to use!

Cost: Only $69.95 - DLL version
introductory price, subject to change w/out notice

Click here to buy or see purchasing options

Licensing info  |  Download user's manual

Get the (C-Sharp) C# full source code here!

Some of us true developer-blooded just don't want to have compiled version and wanted the real deal. Well, here it is..

Click here to buy or see purchasing options

Cost: Only $189.95 - Utilizing latest USPS API Version "RateV4" Full sourcode in C# NET. Also includes a USERGUIDE in pdf, and example ASP.Net page (using code-behind) that uses the Shipping classfile.

Get the VB.NET full source code here!
Click here to buy or see purchasing options

Cost: Only $189.95 - Utilizing latest USPS API Version "RateV4" Full sourcode in VB.NET. Also includes a USERGUIDE in pdf, and example ASP.Net page (using code-behind) that uses the Shipping classfile.


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