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Your script is great, it just saved me a lot of time. We are going to use it take IPN's for subscriptions.
- J.E. Gullett

  Your ipn worked like magic!
- Ivan, MA

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Implement IPN on your website the easier and smarter way thru Ecommercemax PAYPAL IPN.

How do you make the world's most affordable payment processor work like a full payment gateway like Authorize.net or Verisign? The answer: Paypal IPN system. IPN enables your online store to begin any digital processing of the order as soon as the customer pays through Paypal. These tasks could be, but not limited to updating your online inventory or sending a digital product to the buyer via email. With this capability, you don't have to check your email constantly for order notifications. Your e-store can operate on its own!

The challenges of IPN and why using our Ecommercemax IPN template will make it a breeze.

PAYPAL IPN is a technology that runs behind the scene. You typically don't type the IPN URL on your address bar to access to it, it is called directly by Paypal gateway. And unlike ordinary webpages, the HTML output of any IPN implementation is not displayed on your browser making debugging very tricky and challenging. When an error occurs in the middle of the code, there is no visible error that will manifest where the problem came from. Unless you are willing to do a trial and error for each line of code in your ipn processor, you're facing quite a headache.

Now comes our PAYPAL-IPN-MADE-EASY system.

Our intelligent IPN processor has a built-in DEBUGGER in the form of an audit trail that makes implementing IPN a breeze. It logs each crucial action of your IPN events in text file that you can later review via your browser using a utility that we also provide. The IPN idea is easy and simple, but when you start adding functions to it like manipulating databases, generating an email notification and those kind of stuff, that is when potential errors could invalidate your whole ipn. Our utility WILL PINPOINT and SHOW YOU EXACTLY WHERE THAT ERROR OCCURED in your program so you won't have to spend countless hours debugging something that you couldn't see. Remember, ALL IPN implementations do not display any visible output on your browser! They all happen in the background.

• Our IPN processor template already includes built-in mail sending capability - sending to you as the vendor and also to the buyer.

• It also contains a template where you would do additional processing like saving the order to a database.

• All codes have well placed markers that will let you know exactly what lines to modify and where to put your additional codes.

Here's how you would do it:

1. Upload the files to your public html or asp web directory.
2. Setup your paypal account to specify the location of your ipn processor page. More info here
3. Test your IPN processor by sending a test transaction using our ipn_livetest utility. You will basically perform a live paypal transaction costing 0.01 cent. Later on you can login to your paypal account to issue a refund for that test transaction. You don't lose a cent testing your ipn.
4. The ipn processor will send a confirmation email to the buyer email account and to your company email and at the same time creating a trace log of each crucial event into a text file that you specified in your ipn_setup file.
5. To view how the ipn transaction reacted to the just completed paypal transaction, point your browser to the URL of your view_ipn_log.asp. Here you will see the step-by-step processes and show you exactly what part of your ipn implementation failed. Our IPN also contains a built-in error trapping system which will show you the exact error message that it trapped.
6. When you are already satisfied with the performance of your IPN, you have the option to turn the audit trail off.

This package comes in 5 files:
  1. ipn_processor.asp --> The main IPN processor file with built-in audit trail.
  2. ipn_setup.asp --> This is the configuration file. Separated from the main ipn processor to make it much easier for you to put your own setup.
  3. view_ipn_log.asp --> A utility to review the contents of your IPN log.
  4. ipn_livetest.asp --> Another utility to simulate a live Paypal transaction.

These files are inter-dependent so you only have to make the modification in the setup file, all the rest follow through.

  5. IPN_made_easy_guide.pdf --> A well written supplemental guide that describes how to use the system. To be honest, you may not even need this help file because all the source codes contain IN LINE DOCUMENTATIONS. There is built-in documentation inside the codes almost on every line. How convenient!

Click here to view the manual and FAQ in html version

Why many people use Paypal:
PayPal is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Fees are applied only when you accept a payment — if you don't receive money, you don't pay a penny.

* No monthly fees
* No setup fees
* No gateway fees
* Free web payment tools
* Anti fraud systems at no extra cost

To know more about PAYPAL IPN, click here - this will take you to the official Paypal IPN site.

Purchasing info:
Our order processor program will send your order to you instantly via email right after your payment is processed. We use the exact PAYPAL Instant Payment Notification (IPN) tool describe to process your order! This means that you will have immediate access to the product you purchased as soon as you click the final pay button on paypal site.

Cost: Introductory price of only $19.95 - hurry, price for this module is subject to go up without prior notice

Click here for more info on discounted package options

Technical Requirements:
WINDOWS hosting with support for ASP scripting. You do not need your own server, 3rd party hosts will work just fine.

Product Support:
FREE technical support within one year.

Classic ASP Version $19.95

PAYPAL IPN Made easy for C-SHARP is now available. Click here.



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This product is not officially endorsed by Paypal. Further, this website does not imply representation of Paypal or relationship with Paypal in any form.

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