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Aside from our ready-made solutions, we also provide custom services for any of your unique requirements. Many users and developers have sought our expertise in completing their projects. We can be contacted if you get stuck with development and needed immediate help to beat commitments or deadlines. We have worked behind the scenes helping other developers deliver their promises to their own respective clients.

Programming is what we do best! If you ever have any custom web development or programming requirement - try us first! Many have proven our expertise when it comes to custom programming and we can provide you references if you need them.

Before you sign off on a new contract for a project, hear us out first.

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We have expertise in the following:

  • Web Services - We make your servers 'talk' to each other
  • Custom Ecommerce development - from the simplest to most complex!
  • Client/server programming using Microsoft Development tools/studios
  • Database integration, migration and replication using MS SQL, Informix and Oracle.
  • Seagate Crystal Reports Development

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