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We appreciate all your kind words and we take pride in being able to help you!

From: Ecommercemax Solutions development team


Our IT Company is proud to say that we use the ECOMMERCEMAX Solutions for our shopping cart systems as well as its fulfillment systems. We receive and process orders from Costco, BJ's, and more. It's imperative that we deliver hundreds of orders through our system per day. With this tool, we have been able to produce flawless labels, and shipping costs. We use both the shipping calculators as well as the UPS label generator. You guys are the best!

- Paiman Allage

Just to let you know...my client purchased this product yesterday and I added to the site in no time at all. Worked like a charm!

- Scott Wilson

I don't even know .Net and was at a loss to get this shipping label maker out. I bought your product, plugged it in and it worked right out of the box. You have saved me countless hours trying to figure out the UPS Label generator. Thanks a lot!!

- D. Aviles
Engine Room


I just wanted to let you know that your shipping module is awesome! It is working EXACTLY as we wished it would, without a glitch and at a very reasonable cost.
Thanks again. I wish there were more like you.

Aaron Eghbal
Division of Magnetic Sensor Systems

Absolutely thrilled that I am no longer required to register a dll with our hosting company to get UPS Rates! I took your function and incorporated it into our website code. Our code required a dll and no longer worked since we moved hosting companies.
- Richard Thornley


While searching for a real time UPS shipping rate module, I found a few that were a nuisance to follow and modify. I'm glad I found ECommerceMax's module. Downloaded it, dropped in my UPS access information, uploaded it and it worked for worldwide shipping rates. Amazing! Then I started to modify and integrate into my own shopping cart and website. That was very simple. I needed some modifications that had nothing to do with the module's functioning and ECommerceMax was great to work with. Highly recommended!
- Kevin Mahoney from Tampa, FL


We here at Olivo Design wanted to thank you for your great service. We've been making great use out of your Online Retail Store for all of our clients who hire us for ecommerce sites. It's very simple for us to incorporate within the tailor-made sites we develop for our clients, and most importantly, it's extremely user-friendly for those who like to update/maintain their own shopping carts. We definitely recommend this wonderful ecommerce solution.

- Niles Thomas
CEO & Creative Director
Olivo Design

Just wanted to thank you for the great after sales service you have given my team. We were unsure about a few things when it came to setting up but your help made it easy. This is a great product and I strongly recommend that anyone looking for a reliable ecommerce facility check out yours first. Thanks mate!

-Chris Levick - CEO
Online Retail Store client

Thank you Ecommercemax Solutions for being a excellent and reliable part of our web design firm for several years now. We couldn't have done it without you!

- Matthew Dandurand
MEDIA CONTOUR, The Shape of Ideas


Thank you. My IPN is now in great shape.. so happy with the codes.
- Pete

Dear Ecommercemax Sol. - Just wanted to thank the people behind these codes. Perfect example of an XML implementation.. [E-Store, USPS realtime]
- Levin86


JM Web Designs purchased the FedEx Calculator script from ECOMMERCEMAX for one of our largest and most extensive Web sites, Direct Mat (www.directmat.com). With this script we have saved a significant amount of time which in turn helped us reduce our customer's expenses and cut many months of development time. We tried and tested well over 4 other shipping calculators and none even came close to the performance, accuracy and reliability of ECOMMERCEMAX. Thanks for a terrific product guys!
- Jonathan Patton CEO & Founder


.. now I can concentrate on much bigger tasks. Thanks for saving me a bunch of valuable time.
- Jeff


"UPS shipping calculator was very easy to install and works perfectly. Had to call for support once and was very impressed at the speed and professionalism displayed while addressing my issue."

S. Ward
Arlington, TX.


Thanks for everything, your code has made the difference for me this week.

R. Ober

Thank you. I must admit it's the most useful ASP download (tool) I've purchased so far.
- Byron G.


Sweet!! I got it integrated with my client's site in less than 5 minutes. [USPS realtime]
- Todd


As an online promotional products distributor, Gimmees.com customers require quick and accurate UPS ship estimates for their buying decisions. We were able to seamlessly integrate Ecommercemax into our online quote and checkout processes. Ecommercemax has performed flawlessly, consistently returning accurate shipping data in an instant. We highly recommend this product for any e-commerce site.

- Kim Keidat, Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Thank you 1000000 times e-max guys! your timing couldn't be more perfect.
- Maxwell T.

I'm impressed with your ipn! should i thank you or paypal? whichever, you guys are the best.
- Chel


I found the product very useful and was satisfied with its quality [.NET DLL].

Heath Aldrich
Aldrich Electronic Service and Support, Inc.


Very well worth our consideration, appreciate your support. thanks much!
- Jimmy


I wish we had known your site much sooner..
- Michael & Therese


Im so glad I chose your solution over your competitor x-x-x-x----.
- George

The UPS Shipping tool really saved me time by giving me the code I needed to integrate into my clients custom shopping cart sites. It's simple and works well.
- Melissa R. Vaughn, www.honeybeegraphics.com


Your ipn worked like magic!
- Ivan, MA

Your script is great, it just saved me a lot of time.
We are going to use it take IPN's for subscriptions.
- J.E. Gullett


.. this is fun! People are actually purchasing my tutorial ebooks - and loving them.
Thanks for the support hooking me up. I owe you one for sure.
I hope I don't get much competition too soon... Mystic J. - Alaska

..i think I'm selling more video clips now than what my sister sells at
her video shop.. and im just sitting on my a** at home! ... Clipsmania - N..J.


I am really glad that I recommended this store suite. The support through the set up has been beyond what was expected, and for that we are truly appreciative.
Thank you very much once again.
- Chuck Strange - Online Retail Store client


Your code saved me HOURS of reading through and experimenting with the UPS
XML code. I integrated the code into an existing asp page for a custom
shopping cart, and had UPS real time shipping quotes working in 20 minutes.
- Brian at digitalprovisions.com

I purchased USPS Realtime and I’m so glad that I did. It saved me hours of research and my programmer hours of programming time. The online purchase of USPS Realtime was quick and easy. Thanks for saving me time and money. Thanks to ECOMMERCEMAX, my website (fine home aroma products) www.scentwithstyle.com was up and running sooner than expected.
-Bethany Mason, Owner

This is a highly effective, easy to implement solution. Your support is timely and comprehensive. Anyone looking to integrate shipping should look here first. Thank you.
- Mark Gilchrist
Deep Sky Studio


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